Update 02.04.2019

~Daily login rewards fixed ~Login Homepage fixed ~More to come

Update 1.3.2019

Update as follows:

1.Healer should obtain correct starter gear
2.(I)Blockade of Macue V2 has a manual cooldown of 15 seconds


~Donate event 75% surplus add sansilly skype or message RedLovy in discord more to follow

Update 12.24.2018

Update as follows:

1.Ns Spirit changed to work as a cover
2.Blue Pan flute quest added
3.Pink drake egg quest added
4.Snare should work as intended now
5.Ninja powder has been fixed

Update 12.20.2018

Update as follows:

1.Added Premium Lucky Spell book to Item Mall
2.Added 185 Jump box to Item Mall
3.Added 200 Jump box to Item Mall
4.Added Premium Box of Pets to Item Mall
5.Added Mega Pet Box to Item Mall
6.Admins are now pink color and GM's are gold and GS's are yellow

Christmas Event

~Special paypal event 125% contact sansilly or [ADM]RedLovy discord. ~Special invite friends event, info to get with RedLovy.

Update 12.17.2018

Update as follows:

1.Removed register delay from leaving and joining guild (for guild wars)
2.Added blue name to guild wars guild
3.Fixed being able to teleport while invisible

Update 12.14.2018

Update as follows:

1.Starter Shield and Sword can now be used together
2.Starter mp stealer has been fixed to work correctly
3.Starter boosters are now toggle ( click once for auto use)
4.c2 weapon cover and 1 peice costumes can now be used together

Update 12.8.2018

Update as follows:
1.Cube will be removed in pk again
2.Fixed starter axe not working
3.Ex-ranger Destructive Blow forced cooldown removed
4.Added spawns for Christmas Rogue and Christmas Nightshadow
5.Fixed christmas title not working
6.Adjusted christmas title quest to be accurate.

Update 12.7.2018

Update as follows:

1.Exp Pet Cooltime Remover now has the correct name
2.Sorcerer now start with a fallarm as intended and get their secondary weapon (scythe) from the starter box
3.Changed Day 2 Reward for Daily Login Reward 4.Ranger focus was changed from 10k at all levels to 3k->4k->5k
5.Re-added all quests for the Monster combo pets ( Healer,mage,Titan,etc.)
6.Custom Title lasts for 7 days instead of 1 now
7.7 Socket Scroll created
8.Hand of Darkness crits (to bring it in line with meteo but lowered damage)
9.Hand of Darkness damage increase at all ranks
10.Summon of Ancient Weapon crits and now has increased damage (more than meteo)
11.Trickswing changed to crit and damage adjusted
12.Mazar Castle's Red Powder doesnt conflict with Blessing of Pheonix anymore
13.Adjusted Velpist to have christmas mobs and added teleport to juno(not yet)
14.Christmas mobs will drop the following:
-Small Red Candy Cane (15%)
-Small Blue Candy Cane (15%)
-Medium Red Candy Cane (5%)
-Medium Blue Candy Cane (5%)
-gold booster auto (3%)
15.Christas Mega Sorcerer/Rogue can drop 7 socket scroll ( 5% chance to drop upon kill)
15.Added Christmas reward boxes to NPC in Velpist
16.Enabled Christmas Event ( new christmas tokens drop from all mobs at 15% rate)
17.Added Poision Capsule 2 (poision and - attack) Ex-ranger
18.Added new main dmg skill ( poision + dmg) Ex-ranger
19.Added Power up 2 (extra attack) Ex-ranger
20.Replaced all mobs in veplist with christmas mobs
21.Enforce Firewind increases magical hitrate now
22.Blue Cube and Bersker will no longer cancel each other out now
23.Fallen Stat increased at max rank -300 to all stats
24.Added Christmas quest to Christmas Vendor in Velpist
25.Added Christmas quests to Christmas Vendor
26.Increased goldrate for christmas mobs to farm gold!
27.Added Christmas covers to Item Mall

Update 11.11.2018

Update as follows:
1.Restored Interface to normal
2. Disabled halloween mobs and event
3.Juno back to normal + fixed wall Arena
4.Fixed Daily Login Reward
Next updat will comming soon for put some news in lc
Have Good Game

Update 10.15.2018

Update as follows:
1.Changed item description of Halloween Box to be more accurate
2.Fixed Halloween Box not being able to be opened
3.Fixed Special Anonymous Pants NS giving incorrect stats on pants
4.SecretDesire Necklaces(Eva,Hitrate,HP) no longer character bound on equip
5.Changed Reward of Day 10 for October
6.Turning in Pumpkin now gives 7 hour hp steal as a chance (post on forums under suggestion to suggest other things for Halloween)
7.Changed Halloween Knight and Halloween Mage skills
8.Fixed juno bridges being incorrect